At Awakened Minds Supplements we believe human beings were meant for much more than we know.  We believe within each of us is a well of infinite potential. That we as humans are capable of greatness so vast, awesome and expansive it can only be limited by the power of our imagination. The world in which we live and interact, is a direct byproduct of our imaginations at work.  However, without an initial thought to create, not a single one of mankind’s accomplishments would have ever come into existence.  All things created by us, members of the human race began as a thought and all things to be created by us in the future will hold the same truth.  This is the true reason we created Demivolve mind enhancing supplement,  to feed and fuel the neurological processes of a super advanced manifesting machine.  That machine is your mind and it is by far the most powerful tool on the planet.  When you work to harness its full potential the world around you changes and you become master of your own destiny.