How to use your Manifestation Card

Included with every Demivolve order is a Manifestation Card.  

The card reads:

I have the power to create my reality; through my thoughts I shape the world.”

(If you do not have one you can make your own by writing this down on a small piece of manila folder about the size of a business card.)

The purpose of this card is to empower and reprogram its user, with the power of the sentence.  To fully understand how it works, it is necessary for the user to know what a “paradigm” is and how the conscious and subconscious mind work.  This information along with other great training tips can be found below in our mind training section.”

Create a custom mindset and reprogram yourself for success

¨The Conscious and Subconscious Mind¨

The conscious mind is the one you use all the time.  It is the one connected to your five senses, you use to make sense of the world everyday. The subconscious part of your mind is the one that warrants your behavior.  Is does not care if what it receives is good or bad it will accept whatever you feed it.


* The Conscious mind:  is the five senses working together to make sense of what’s happening in the world around it.
* The Subconscious mind:  Is responsible for behavior and habit.  Its where your programming is. (this is the part of your mind you want to influence if you want change in your life)

How is the subconscious mind reprogrammed?  

To understand this you need to first know how your initial programming went in.  When a human baby is first born to around  the age of 4 they are mostly subconscious.  Having not taken in enough data from its environment to formulate its own thoughts, a human baby has to learn everything from the people around it.  This information is absorbed like a sponge, the primary language you speak and even a lot of the foods you like are byproducts of subconscious programming from when you were young.  By the time the baby starts to think for itself its looking at the world through a telescope of perspective, ideas it has learned from day one, ideas that were constantly reinforced into that child’s mind hour after hour, month after month and year after year, for many years.   These programmed ideas are known as paradigms and they strongly affect all of our behaviors.  


* Paradigms are at the foundation of our perspectives.  A paradigm can be imagined as a set of ideas which govern the way we look at a situation.
* The ideas you have regarding yourself and your ability to be successful are connected to these paradigms.  

It is no secret that the children of parents who finished school and are successful, usually end up doing the same.  Similarly, the children of parents who did not finish school, who constantly struggled with debt, will usually end up with the same types of struggles.  You see what we learn to expect from the environment is what we get.  


* In order to change the results we are getting from the world we first have to change the paradigm.

So how do you change a Paradigm?

Changing a paradigm is just like when it was programmed initially, through repetition.  Day after day, week after week, month after month, until what your trying to program (in this case a statement) is embedded into your subconscious.  A statement like the one found on your manifestation card is known as an affirmation.


* Affirmations are statements designed to reprogram the subconscious mind with a more positive and productive paradigm/habit.
* Keep your manifestation card on you at all times and read the statement on the card several times a day for as long as it takes for it’s power to resonate into your subconscious.  


Understanding how your mind works enhances the power of your brain.

Some facts about your brain:

* Your brain neurology can reconfigure itself based solely on your state of mind.  If you use your mind in the same fashion for a long enough period of time, adjustments will be made to your brain and in turn your body, to match the thoughts produced by the mind.  

* This amazing system is designed by nature itself.  In the past is has given us the the ability to focus our mindsets to survive in harsh environments and unfavorable circumstances.

* Now we live in a favorable time.  A time where we can literally evolve into whatever we choose.  A dog can only be a dog, a lion can only be a lion.  This holds true for every animal in the kingdom.  A human on the other hand can become whatever is sets it mind to.

* With the proper training you can teach your mind to tell your brain to align with the pursuit of the fulfillment of your life desires.


You’re in control, you always have been.  

You probably learned how to walk at a very young age.  Most of us, by the age of two.  At first walking was difficult and required all of our focus and concentration.  We would take one or maybe two steps and then collapse.  The intention was there but the struggle was internal.  

Your brain was still forming a new neurological network  or  neuro network for short.  A network which once in place allows for effortless walking, with very little thought involved.  That is the power of the mind to intend for something, work towards it and build a new neuro network which allows for it.  

We have all done this many times in our lives before.

A few examples are:  

* speaking, using a fork and knife
* riding a bicycle, driving
* swimming, dancing , etc

You get the idea.  

Whether you know it or not you have the power to create new neuro networks at any given point in your life. Scientist are now calling this brain neuroplasticity.  Which can be defined as the ability of your brain to change and adapt in response to experience.  


* Because the brain is neuroplastic, you can essentially learn an unlimited amount of knowledge and skills.
* The only thing required on your end is the desire for the skill and the effort towards its achievement.  Its that simple.
* If you find yourself missing the energy to put in the effort, find the paradigm at its source and replace it with an affirmation.

So.. Where do you start?  The answer is wherever you want, it’s your life and you have full control over it.